BONUS: Was 2020 A Dumpster Fire Of A Year?

Happy New Year from us, to you!

Let’s reflect— no! Scratch that. Let’s be real and talk about all the PROS AND CONS OF 2020. Not grateful? Totally fine. Super grateful? Also fine. Kimberly and Reina talk about all the things they did or didn’t do this past year and call 2020 for what it is. 

However you felt about 2020 – let’s also talk about what we hope for in 2021.

EP5: What Do Free Personality Tests Say About You?

Stuck in lockdown with LOTS of time to reflect – Kimberly bombards Reina with every free personality test on the internet. Including Buzzfeed. But from the perspective of self-development and career coaching, Reina leans in and explains why we love these tests so much.

Learn which Enneagram they are and which of the 16 Personalities (or MBTI) they fall into (and what these tests reveal about them). Join them and take the tests as well – maybe you’ll uncover something about yourself you kept hidden away.

Want to join them? Here are the tests the take:

EP4: When Did You Know You Were Asian?

Coach Reina sends Kimberly a curveball and asks, “When did you know you were Asian?”.

From food, to teenage angst, to reconciling their Asian identities – our hosts discuss the many ways they realized they were Asian. Listen as they dig into their past and make some poignant connections to how they live now. If you ever struggled with identity or wondered about your place in life, they got a boatload of feels coming your way.

EP3: The Boardroom of Allies

Who is your “WWJD” person? (For those who didn’t have the kitsch rubber bracelets in middle school, you missed out on an era).

And by that, we mean – who do you have as your own cheerleaders? Who are in your internal boardroom?

Join Kimberly and Reina as they talk about who’s in their boardrooms (spoiler alert: there are animated characters and smart cats), interview their coaches and actual allies, and give tips on how YOU can think about your own boardroom of allies too! Kimberly also shares her own pop-culture version of her boardroom and is probably the most excited she’s ever been (spoiler: she may go on about BTS for a touch too long and she’s sorry she’s not sorry)

EP2: Started From The Bottom…Are We Here? Pivoting Careers.

Did you have a dream that you kept locked away? A secret passion you ignored? Feel like it’s too late?

Coach Reina encourages you to revisit some of those dreams and aspirations.
Listen as she and Kimberly share their personal stories on how they pivoted careers and re-wrote their own narrative. Learn what sparked them to jump to a new profession (and for Reina, a new country!), their key values, and what brings them fulfilment.

They may not have all the answers right now, but they’re enroute to finding out.

Some Amazing Books We Reference:
White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism, By Robin DiAngelo
Everything Is Figureoutable, By Marie Forleo

EP1: WTF Are ABGs?

Why did you click? Are you still wondering what the hell ABG stands for?

Well in this podcast, it stands for Aspirations, Boardrooms, and Goals (or growth…there’s debate on the last one).

And you can say these two Asian ladies are obsessed with them! On today’s episode, life-coach Reina and her fave cheerleader Kimberly, invite you to the fold of positivity, support, and motivation. Listen as they discuss friendship, navigate their Asian identity, and TRY to uncover the meaning of success.

Welcome to Our NEW Podcast!

Two Asian/Canadian BFF’s obsess over each other’s aspirations, boardrooms and goals …across the globe.

Join Reina (a legit career & life coach) and Kimberly (also a legit producer) as they navigate their careers, Asian identity, and personal goals. They may not have all the right answers to life, but they want to be your hype women so that YOU can start obsessing over your own ABGs!