EP12: Anti-Asian Hate and The Atlanta Shooting

We took a break from our regular upload schedule due to recent news in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re sure many have heard about the mass shooting on March 16, where 8 victims (6 being Asian women) were murdered by a 21-year old white man. He targeted 3 Asian-specific spas across 2 counties.

We are both Asian women, who are minorities in Canada and Germany. This story felt personal. This felt like a direct attack on us, targeted and intentional. In this episode, we discuss our thoughts, reactions, and some information on what’s been going on outside of the US as the rise of Anti-Asian hate has become widespread.


Since most news outlets were awful and failed to call this a hate crime, we’re pointing to other sources so you can learn and feel what’s going on:


Additional Resources:


Please note the names of those who have passed:

  • Xiaojie Tan 
  • Daoyou Feng
  • Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez
  • Paul Andre Michels
  • Soon Chung Park
  • Hyun Grant
  • Suncha Kim
  • Yong Ae Yue