What is “Hacushi”?

Hacushi is a play on the Japanese term, “Hakushi” (meaning blank paper / from scratch / white paper) and combines both Kimberly and Reina’s last names. The goal of Hacushi is to explore the basis of professional and personal well being, Asian identity, and success through multi-platforms.

About the Podcast, Obsessed With ABGs:
The podcast was born out of hours and hours of discussion regarding Aspirations, Boardrooms, and Goals.

Join Reina (a legit career & life coach) and Kimberly (also a legit producer) as they navigate their careers, Asian identity, and personal goals. They may not have all the right answers to life, but they want to be your hype women so that YOU can start obsessing over your own ABGs!

Reina / Co-Host

Reina is a career and life coach in Düsseldorf, Germany. She works with mix-cultured people (expats, TCKs, immigrants, multi-racial) who want change but don’t have time. Reina herself is an expat, TCK and a Canadian-ified Japanese; she was born in Japan but raised in Taiwan and the US, and spent the majority of her life in Canada. She holds an HBA in Communications and a Masters in Education from the University of Toronto, and is a Co-Active Coach and Birkman Consultant.

Kimberly / Co-Host

Toronto-based podcast producer with a passion for broadcasting, content creation, and multimedia. Kimberly is also a marketing strategist with 10 years of digital media experience. As a consultant, clients range from various industries: Real Estate, Health Care, IT, and Mortgages.

As a Canadian-Filipina, Kimberly is hoping to see more diversity and representation in media.

Obsessed With ABGs - Aspirations, Boardrooms, Goals




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