Obsessed With ABGs - Aspirations, Boardrooms, Goals

Obsessed With ABGs
The Podcast

Two Asian/Canadian BFF’s obsess over each other’s ABGs: Aspirations, Boardrooms and Goals …across the globe.

Join Reina (a legit career & life coach) and Kimberly (also a legit producer) as they navigate their careers, Asian identity, and personal goals. They may not have all the right answers to life, but they want to be your hype women so that YOU can start obsessing over your own ABGs!

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Ep15: Obsessed With: Getting Focused (Productivity Apps)
Reina and Kimberly are OBSESSED with productivity apps and design. How can you make technology work for YOU and what methods work best to staying focus? They've gone through a lot of trial and error (and yes – they're still exploring), but they have found some things along the way that have been life changing. Listen as they list all the …
Ep14: Friendships vs. Frientimacy
Still in lockdown and Reina and Kimberly are missing their friends. Between work and not being able to go hang out with friends – they talk about how they're trying (or failing) to keep their friendships going. They explore Shasta Nelson's book, "Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness" and the three key pillars: POSITIVITY, VULNERABILITY, CONSISTENCY. — Buy Shasta's …
EP12: Anti-Asian Hate and The Atlanta Shooting
We took a break from our regular upload schedule due to recent news in Atlanta, Georgia. We're sure many have heard about the mass shooting on March 16, where 8 victims (6 being Asian women) were murdered by a 21-year old white man. He targeted 3 Asian-specific spas across 2 counties. We are both Asian women, who are minorities in Canada …
EP11: Finding Your Next Hobby
Season 2, Ep2 (Ep11) How are we filling our days during a lockdown? How are we keeping busy, and what do our hobbies mean to us? The pandemic has forced us to change our habits and schedules. Whether you have more time (or less time), Reina and Kimberly discuss the value and importance of doing something for yourself and indulging in a …

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